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Customize Your Ads

  • Appy Jump ads are completely customizable to fit your needs
  • You can control the images, copy, color and destination of the ad

Choose Your Budget

  • No contract required while signing up for your Appy Jump campaign
  • Estimates of how many app installs your budget can get you
  • Appy Jump allows you to pay only for actual installs, not for impressions or clicks

Launch Ads & Measure Success

  • Get real-time access to app analytics
  • Gain valuable insights on the performance of your apps across all mobile platforms
  • Track your advertising ROI
Features of Appy Jump
  • Setting up pageAppy Jump provides your business an online presence to reach out & engage people who would want to know more about your business.

  • Finding people similar to your customersReach out to like-minded audiences on Appy Jump who share traits of your current customers.

  • Choosing your advert audience Assess the size of your potential market and choose the category of audience based on demographics like gender, age, lifestyle habits, purchasing behaviour, economic status, level of education, income level, employment and more.

  • Adverts Reporting : Advert Performance Get live access to the performance of your apps to modify budgets suitably. For instance, you can boost the budget for the apps that perform well & lower it for the ones that are under performing.

  • Reaching out to targeted customers With pre-defined ,custom audiences you can reach out to customers like never before in a much safer & secure manner with Appy Jump.

  • App Installs & Engagement AdvertsGet noticed by users across multiple devices who would want to install your app and be keen to engage with it again.

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