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At Appy Pie we have been following the development of the Mono platform since its inception, from its early days as an open-source, cross-platform alternative to the .NET Framework to the introduction of MonoTouch on iOS and more recently the introduction of Mono for Android.


Developed by the Mono Project, an open source initiative sponsored by Novell, MonoTouch simplifies iPhone & Android development by letting developers utilize code and libraries written for the .NET development framework and programming languages such as C#.


MonoTouch is an SDK that contains a suite of compilers, libraries, and tools for integrating with Apple’s iPhone SDK. Microsoft .NET base class libraries are included, along with managed libraries for taking advantage of native iPhone APIs. Also included is a cross-compiler that can be used for turning .NET executable files and libraries directly into native applications for distribution on the Apps Store or for deployment to iPhone & Android users.


Xamarin enhanced these new product versions to support the cutting-edge OS releases from Apple and Google, once again making MonoTouch and Mono for Android viable, native mobile application development platforms for C# .NET developers. Here I’ll offer my impressions of the most recent versions of these two products, MonoTouch Professional 5.0 and Mono for Android 1.0.


Xamarin’s cross-platform development products, MonoTouch and Mono for Android, provide the power of the .NET frameworks that millions of developers already use, along with complete access to all native APIs and UI toolkits for iOS and Android; this allows you to create truly unique native experiences on each operating system,” said Miguel de Icaza, chief technology officer of Xamarin, in a statement. “Now with MonoTouch 5.2, we are giving developers powerful capabilities to build better quality iPhone and iPad apps faster and easier than available anywhere else.

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